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You are in need of career direction

What’s God’s will for my life? Is my current job really all there is for me? What’s “my thing”? I feel like I’m living a mediocre life and need direction… If this sounds familiar, start by downloading the 5 Steps to Clarify Your Calling. Then, stick around - my mission is to help believers just like you find and get the role of a lifetime. 

You feel like an official paper pusher

You we’re meant for life-giving work. Settling for endless meetings and meaningless tasks is a tell-tale sign…your in the right place. Check out the membership course below to learn how I can help you do God’s work…and get paid well as you make an impact.


Your work goes against your beliefs 

Is your work or company no longer aligned with your beliefs? Do you feel counterproductive, convicted by the work you do? Or maybe you’re a new believer in need of a career makeover? Then yes, you’re in the right place. Sign up for Sunday Spark - I’d love to connect with you each week.


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Hi! I'm Patricia and I'm a master's degree trained career coach with a decade of experience, and a sole purpose of using everything I've learned to help you reach the calling on your life. God has set aside good works specifically for you, and I am here to help you accomplish them.

Together, we'll explore your options and help you prayerfully navigate the career world; you’ll experience the life-giving power of scripture on your mindset and direction; you’ll overcome personal challenges; develop a professional brand and communicate trademark strengths; and become a confident, sought-after professional. 

From first call to negotiations, I am here for you until you land the offer. 

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