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The Coaching Process


Learn about the phases of life & career transformation, a typical coaching cycle, our coaching platform, and the key ingredients for a successful life/career transition. 

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The Phases

The Phases


Life Change


Career Change

If part of your plan/vision


Discover your vision for a meaningful personal & professional life

Identify your ideal role and target companies


Craft a plan to implement your vision

Powerfully convey your high-value experience


Take action, overcome obstacles, and reach your goal

Create genuine connections and communicate clearly

The Coaching Cycle

During our session we’ll work through our planned outcomes and coach through issues as they come up. 

After each session I’ll send your session notes actions, and resources for the week. 

Between sessions you'll have access to me via email, the platform, and/or voice memo as you work on action items, track via metrics, etc. 

24 hours before our next session, action items can be submitted to the portal. Meanwhile, I will take the 24 hours prior to review your materials and prepare for our session.

The Platform


Never lose valuable insights with access to Session Notes

Turn insights into documented Actions and track your progress

Measure and track behavior and success over time via Metrics

Share and access Files, links, and media in one (searchable) location

Schedule and check on your appointments

Library of resources to guide your career transition

You have what it takes to be successful

But I highly recommend that you reflect on the questions below to determine if coaching is a good fit in this season of your life:


  • Presence: Are you able to commit to being fully present in a quiet space for our 1-hour sessions?
  • Time: Can you set aside a few hours each week between sessions to invest in your career and life change?
  • Teamwork: Are you willing to team up with me and be equally invested in co-creating your career transformation?
  • Openness: Are you able/interested in digging deep, sharing, reflecting, and exploring possibilities in a safe space?
  • Curious engagement: Are you in a mental and emotional space to¬†engage insights, perceptions, and assumptions with¬†curiosity?¬†
  • Experimental mindset: Are you in a season of life where you can step outside of your comfort zone, adopt an experimental mindset, and experience a bit of challenge to get to the other side of your career/life transformation?


If you answered yes to these questions 

You are uniquely positioned and equipped to experience all the benefits of coaching ‚Äď from a career change and/or new position, to a whole-life transformation and the unexpected breakthroughs in between.


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Coaching Options

I offer a variety of coaching options to accommodate your schedule and timeframe:

Career Diagnostic + Strategy


Diagnose your career search and make progress with a 60-minute session and next steps in one area:

  • Career search diagnosis & strategy
  • Career & life¬†direction
  • Resume or LinkedIn audit
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Monthly Coaching

Investment varies

The full life and/or career transition experience, including a tailored combination of:

  • Career & life change coaching
  • Professional branding and materials
  • Transition support/executive coaching
  • Personalized, high-touch, all-access experience


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VIP Days

Starting at $1897

Accelerated experience for quick-turnaround materials through three 90-minute sessions focused on one area:

  • Career Branding: Resume, LinkedIn¬†& Cover Letter
  • Interview coaching & two mock interview/feedback sessions


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