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I help Faith-driven professionals launch careers, leap positions, and experience the thrill of walk-on-water career God stories.   


Let's Work Together...

...to launch careers


You’re close to graduation and that great-fit position is not yet in your hands. What will happen if you graduate without a job? This whole process can be stressful for parents too…

With Career Launch Coaching, you'll craft a personal brand including career wants/needs, professional style, and trademark strengths. Then…we’ll skip the job search confusion, mystery, and anxiety with tried and true strategies and expert support to systematically launch you into a great career.

And... Your first job positions you for every other future opportunity, so we'll be setting you for true long term success.

...to take a career leap


You know what you want but don’t know how to get there. Phrases like “I just keep getting in my own way”, or “I’m ready for the next move… I just never really go for it”. The job hunt feels like a mysterious black hole, and you feel like even before you get to that point, there is something holding you back from going after your next season in life.

In our coaching sessions, we’ll work together to redesign your message. I’ll guide you in crafting a compelling personal brand by discovering your voice, value, and impact. Take the career leap with expert support from job search, resume, and LinkedIn to networking, interviewing, and negotiations.

...to start a new adventure


You love your life and career, and want to take it up another level…or maybe you want to make some major life/career changes. Regardless, you feel it in your bones… you are so ready to step into your next season. How can you thrive, stretch your potential, and make an impact?

Through Laser-focused coaching, I’ll help you get to the root of the issue, set life-giving personal and/or career goals, and guide you through major life decisions. You’ll identify and overcome barriers, navigate culture and relationships, and graciously address uncharted territory and difficult conversations. Let’s start your adventure with a toolbox of strategies to take you just about anywhere.


What people are saying...

Choose Your Preferred Format

1:1 Coaching

The full-service experience


100% Focus on your unique goals

1:1 Laser Coaching techniques

Private, targeted conversations

Done-with-you sessions

Session notes & coaching recaps

Ideal for: 
  • Comprehensive coaching for career leaps, pivots and industry changes
  • Professional branding, confidence and communications coaching
  • Career launch coaching, including first positions and transition to adulthood
  • Career change challenges, big career/life decisions, and new lifestyles 



Group Coaching

The Career Academy


Faith-driven community

Intimate group coaching

Social support & group synergy

Recorded live sessions

Worksheets & checklists 

Ideal for: 
  • Professionals making a career move into a higher position 
  • Career changers making a pivot into a different industry
  • Professionals seeking to overcome a career gap
  • Students & recent graduates seeking first professional role