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Learn about the transformative coaching experience that puts you back in the driver’s seat of your life.


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The transformative career coaching experience putting you back in the driver’s seat.

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You’re not quite sure what’s next. 

Thankfully, you have the time, resources, and space to make a purposeful next move.

Are you...


  • At a crossroads in your life and career?

  • Seeking to make a bigger impact with your skills and talents?

  • Longing for a life and career aligned with your season and values?

  • Unsure how to navigate a competitive modern job market?

Let's work together to bring you into a personal and professional life of impact, joy, balance, and purpose.


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Learn more about your coaching experience

Your career/life change Pathway


Discover your vision for a meaningful personal & professional life

Get back to you who really are - at the core. Then Identify the life and work that best suits you. No more fitting yourself info a mold someone else created.


Craft a plan to implement your vision

This involves strategies to cultivate the habits, behaviors, and norms that make up your life transformation, and gentle and tactful ways to reset the expectations of those around you. 

If you decide a career change is your best move, it would involve developing a career strategy, professional branding materials (resume, etc.), and setting up for the career search. 


Take action, overcome obstacles, and reach your goal

Experience the executive coaching techniques that help high-achieving professionals address internal and external barriers to success in both their career and personal lives. Cultivate new personal and relational habits for a sustainable and balanced lifestyle in and out of the office. 



Let's connect and get you back into the driver's seat. 

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More than 70% of professionals are unhappy at work, and many of those who decide to make a move (change careers, habits, or lifestyle) face inevitable challenges.

With The Uncommon Career, you're never alone - I'm here to guide you through every step of the way.


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Learn about the coaching approach

You have the career history and potential to build an optimal work and life experience.


And I have the process, resources, and expertise to guide you through meaningful life change and/or the modern career search.


Career Diagnostic + Strategy


Diagnose your career search and make progress with a 60-minute session and next steps in one area:

  • Career search diagnosis & strategy
  • Career & life¬†direction
  • Resume or LinkedIn audit
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1:1 coaching

Investment varies

The full life and/or career transition experience, including a tailored combination of:

  • Career & life change coaching
  • Professional branding and materials
  • Transition support/executive coaching
  • Personalized, high-touch, all-access experience
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VIP Days

Starting at $1897

Accelerated experience for quick-turnaround materials through three 90-minute sessions focused in one of these two areas:

  • Career Branding: Resume, LinkedIn¬†& Cover Letter
  • Interview coaching & two mock interview/feedback sessions¬†


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‚ÄúPatricia was able to pull professional gold I didn‚Äôt even know¬†was in me‚Ķ‚ÄĚ

- Mitchell G.

Compress time and avoid unnecessary failures

Enjoy premium coaching and comprehensive support with unlimited customization from a Master’s educated Board Certified Coach with over a decade of experience in career, life and mindset counseling and coaching.

This is the only boutique 1:1 program engaging the four competencies of career/life transformation in a single coaching space, creating value while saving you time and frustration.


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My clients often share how their career paths have been revitalized through our work together.

Let their stories inspire you…

Merger-affected to perfect-fit role

¬†Merger-affected manager transitions out of undervalued position into ‚Äúperfect fit‚ÄĚ role with supportive colleagues, energizing work, and regained confidence.

Peace & balance for 6-figure owner

Six-figure business owner establishes peaceful, balanced, and purposeful Christian spiritual disciplines; reignites creative writing after 10+ years. 

$40K increase & breakthroughs

Temporary program manager secures permanent director position and $40K increase; discovers internal barriers that held her back for years.

Multiple Offers in Six Weeks

Early professional moves from months of unsuccessful applications to multiple offers in six weeks; leverages new professional presence for career lifelong success.

Career Gaps to $50K Increase

Engineer with 5-year career gap and new family overcomes mindset barriers to networking, secures remote work with $50K increase and relocation expenses; moves family across the country.

Together, we can make your life & career transformation happen.

All you need is a few hours each week and the mental space to focus on an intentional career and life change.


Get started toward a better, deeper, and more impactful life.

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We can make your career transformation happen.

All you need is a few hours each week and the mental space to focus on an intentional career change.

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