You shouldn't have to experience career run-around & rejection to take a career leap of faith... 


 Join The Uncommon Career Academy

and land your most fulfilling (and well-paid) position.



 Join The Uncommon Career Academy for

Faith-Driven Christian Professionals &

 land your most fulfilling (and well paid) position. 


You're in the right place if you're thinking I want...

If this resonates, here are some of the road blocks between you and your dream position:



Automation has reduced applicants to generic seemingly replaceable parts in a too-complicated machine


Broken HR systems have steered away from relational practices, leaving you feeling inadequate and unworthy of even a response from employers


Imposter Syndrome keeps the lie alive, making candidates like you and me feel like no matter what we do, we'll never be good enough


Past experiences can grab hold of us and create these negative thought patterns, leading to career anxiety, worries and stress (I know, I experienced this far too long)



These challenges are the enemy of so many talented, hard-working, undercover top candidates like you. 


But these shouldn't stand in your way to find and fulfill God's calling for your work.


We can tackle these together. 

Yes! I’m Ready!

YOU CAN land that dream position. You just need a GAME PLAN. 

...and I can help with that, starting with these five Academy features:  

Expert Career Strategy

Expert strategies and career "secrets" are revealed and outlined in a step-by-step blueprint that gives you exactly what you need when you need it...cutting all the frustration, overwhelm, or contradicting information to help you focus on optimizing your brand and accelerating your job search.

Mindset Work & Laser Coaching

Ever get stuck with indecision, overwhelm, or insecurity (say... right before an interview)? Regain control over your mindset with individual and group mindset activities so you can get unstuck and move in confidence through every phase of the career process.

Faith-based Practices

Opposition comes when you walk toward your calling. We battle it together with Biblical principles and faith-based practices like prayer and scripture to help you confirm, prepare for, and land your position in God's grace and favor.  

Structured Process

Not sure where to start? What should you spend your time on? How do you know if you are making progress? Enjoy your career search with thoughtfully structured and time-efficient tasks that keep you taking action and celebrating progress every single week.


Supportive Professional Network

We grow in community and we work in community. Engage in a growing professional network on our live group coaching calls. Build connections to encourage, support, and celebrate each other every step of the way. 

Sounds great, but what about...

My job keeps me really busy... How much time does this take?

Getting into the job search can take quite a while... If you are not set up for efficiency from the beginning. In The Uncommon Career Academy, I walk you through the entire process in just a few minutes a day. I give you the specific high impact task for each step with a recommended time estimate so you know when you'll be done before you even start.

This only works for people who are already great candidates... right?

Not at all! I'm that person who ruined her interview, was totally insecure, and definitely did NOT have the network, experience or fancy title. We all start somewhere, but no matter where you are, I bet you'd take a career and salary leap over a stagnant position in a heart beat!  The sooner you get a hold of these career principles, tactics, and strategies, the faster you'll move up in the world.  

I really want to... but I don't think I should be spending money right now...

That's the best part! The Academy is at it's most affordable price point - A Founder's price with the Founder's Advantage (more on that later...)

Let's start here...1:1 career coaching is in the thousands (including my 1:1 programs). Legit career group coaching is in the high hundreds, up to $2000+. Self-paced courses (without ANY group or 1:1 contact!) typically start at the $497 range, and go up to $2000+ . Comparatively, The Uncommon Career Academy program is totally affordable.

In fact, if you got a $2 raise (really just $2), this program would pay for itself in just the first few months.

And that's a crazy conservative goal. See below for recent salary wins...

You are also losing hundreds, maybe THOUSANDS every month you don't make a move to a higher paying position.

I need you to also think of the investment. If you can negotiate a raise today it means that every job from now on will reflect your higher pay. So a few hundred dollars invested (over the course of 3-6 months) is a step in faith, knowing you are worth that amount and so much more.

Most recently, I've helped professionals double their salary with 30K and 50K increases. But let's be extremely conservative. Is it worth your time and money to invest less than $50 a month in order to get a 5k or 10k salary increase? Let alone all the benefits of walking in your calling, landing a job you love, and breaking through those imposter syndrome thoughts that keep us from being ourselves and walking with confidence every day. It's priceless, worth every. last. penny. 

I'll be honest with you: I know this is worth much more and the price will go up as the program improves. If cost is an issue my friend, then I encourage you even more... NOW is the time to get in on founder pricing and get one on one attention (regardless of which plan you choose) that will ONLY be available for a limited time.

You are here at the right time - There is no better deal than this!


Now is the time. 

Let's Get Started!

Just imagine with me...


Landing your dream job is an amazing feeling...

and totally achievable

with the professional career strategies, tips, and methods I guide you through. 

Here comes the excitement!

I get the feeling every single time I work with a new professional, because I KNOW what you're in for... Your heart beating a little faster, preparing to go all in, and getting ready to take your career leap of faith!


Yes...It's going to feel a little scary at times, but just on the other side is an amazing life where you love your work, share your gifts, and make great pay! I know… I've been through it myself and I've helped others do it as well.

Welcome to the Uncommon Career Academy!

I'm Patricia, your coach, and I'm so excited you're here!

When I started, I was a socially awkward homeless young adult unable to make it through a single interview question without crying. With God's amazing grace and years of mastering career advancement strategies, I went from hanging-on-a-thread survival mode all the way to my own 6-figure offer.

Trust me: no matter what you've been through, no matter what is holding you back, we can tackle it together.

I got my masters of science in counseling and became a career and educational counselor with one goal in mind: to help others gain confidence in the strengths, skills, and possibilities within them.

Now over a decade in, I quit my job to help high-potential professionals just like you take the career faith leap of their lives.

Ok, let's really get into this now 👇

The Uncommon Career Academy

The Academy helping high-potential professionals just like you find their God-given calling and land a fulfilling (and well-paid) role. 


This is a start-to-finish, step-by-step Career Academy designed to get you from here to your new position ASAP. Take advantage of LIVE weekly training and group coaching to accelerate your progress with Career Academy Blueprint checklists, worksheets and templates. You'll also have access to my office hours, and a growing network of faith-based professionals. 


☑️ All founding members receive 1:1 attention via weekly check-ins (phone or email based on your preference).

☑️ Live weekly trainings will be created and tailored to your needs.

☑️ Live training and community content will be recorded and released on a weekly basis so you can review at your own pace.


Founder's Pricing & Founder's Advantage is available only for a limited time.

 Join now before the founding cohort closes!

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Experience success at every step...

👇Module by module breakdown👇

Module 1: Welcome and onboarding 

Module 2: Career Clarity (Bonus)

Module 3: Build Your Career Story

Module 4: The "Perfect" Resume

Module 5: LinkedIn & Your Online Presence

Module 6: Networking Your Way In

Module 7: Your Most Confident Interview

Module 8: Negotiate Like a Pro

Module 9: Leverage Your Transition

Summary of the Career Academy:

SWEET! I'm so excited you're joining us! 🥳

Click the button below to check out and I'll talk with you real soon!

Career Academy Membership


6 monthly payments of $97

  • 6-Month Membership
  • On-demand Access to Career Academy Online Library
  • Step-by-step Career Academy Blueprint & Checklists 
  • Live group coaching, and co-working sessions
  • Growing online network of supportive professionals
  • Founder's Advantage: Weekly check-ins, 1:1 attention and course content tailored to your needs

Career Academy Membership

$527 ($70 off!)

Pay in Full, Save $70

  • 6-Month Membership
  • On-demand Access to Career Academy Online Library
  • Step-by-step Career Academy Blueprint & Checklists 
  • Live group coaching, and co-working sessions
  • Growing online network of supportive professionals
  • Founder's Advantage: Weekly check-ins, 1:1 attention and course content tailored to your needs

*Pricing available ONLY for a limited time.

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